Lesley and Martyn have run the Badachro Inn on the West Coast of Scotland for over 20 years, Lesley has been the head chef from the start, we pride ourselves on using fresh local produce, local game, meats and seafood.

During the lockdown in 2020 we were looking at how we could diversify and possibly create another part of the business and that is where the idea of Stag & Dough was born.

We are both crazy about good artisan pizza, we have been making pizza in our Ooni wood fired pizza oven at home and decided to take them on the road.

We had a horse box trailer converted which houses our new wood fired oven, we burn oak whiskey barrel staves from a local cooperage which give our pizza that special edge, the taste is amazing.

Our produce of  game, cured and smoked venison and salamis  come from the Great Glen Charcuterie, other meats and game will be used depending what is in season, our blue cheese is Strathdon blue from Tain. Also we are not forgetting that great Neapolitan style background of the Italian classics which feature on our menu. We use the San Marzano tomatoes on our base for the delicate sweet taste and fresh Italian mozzarellas. Our cured Italian hams all mixed with fresh herbs vegetables and Italian olive oils and not forgetting the famous Grana Padano.